They will STILL get away with it.

DeLay indicted.

Frist investigated by the SEC.

Karl Rove up to his neck in Plamegate.

And most likely because of all of the dust kicked up in the 90s about Clinton, people are skeptical about the media’s claims about this kind of thing. The difference of course, is there is an identifiable source of the false allegations against Clinton, and only the truth conspiring against the party of personal responsibility here.

The press will smear Ronnie Earle, slayer of Democrats, more than Delay because he is a Democrat. I don’t know what their excuse will be with Frist. Rove is easy: everyone out to get him is Michael Moore.

They will get away with it. They will retain their majorities in 2006, and the 2008 Republican nominee will be the one who easily pivots against all of this.

Big whoop. Call me when we win an election.

NHL Bulls and Bears

Bear: New Jersey Devils. Jeff Friesen was an unsung hero on this team. He did not react well to the uncompetitive circumstances in Anaheim during his tenure there. Being relegated to the worst team in the league (Lamoriello figured if he had to give him away, this was the team to do it) might not sit well with Friesen, especially now that he has a ring. Or perhaps he will relish the opportunity.

Bear: Phoenix Coyotes. They have made a miserable showing in the preseason. Will Cujo let himself be the fall guy for Wayne Gretzky as he was for Dave Lewis?

Bear: Pittsburgh Penguins. They’d better score 6 goals a game if they want to win with these goalies.

Bear: Edmonton Oilers. Did they need Peca and Pronger and no goalie?

Bear: Los Angeles Kings. They didn’t deserve another concussion prone player after loosing Adam Deadmarsh and, arguably, Jason Allison because of concussions. Now Roenick?


This will be the last test before I break things down again. So far 13-11 — not really statistically significant, but better than being on the downside.

(5) Anaheim +1 (9) San Jose
(1) Philadelphia +2 (26) Islanders (I’ll regret that spread, but road<20 game=””>
(12) Atlanta +1 (27) Carolina
(7) Pittsburgh +1 (12-3 [h/a split]) Boston
(15) St. Louis +1 (22) Nashville [To Tka-Chunky or Queeriya here=even?]
(25-3 [second game h/a split]) Buffalo +1 (30) Washington
(19) Colorado +1 (20) Detroit [I would override this if I wasn’t playing my formula only]
(6) Calgary +1 (17) Chicago
(3-3[second game h/a split]) Edmonton -1 (4) Vancouver

Hurricane Alan

Strikes again. Nevermind all the lost jobs! As long as Republican contractors have their bizzaro-Potemkin flat-tax no minimum wage Gulf Zone, who cares about stifling the economy?

Senator Reid was wrong. Greenspan isn’t a political hack; he’s a pure agent of the rentier class.


(26) Islanders +1 (29) Rangers
(13-5, Road 2) Tampa Bay -1 (16) Montreal
(10) Boston +1 (11) Toronto
(21) Minnesota +1 (25) Buffalo
(3) Edmonton +1 (18) Dallas
(14) Los Angeles +1 (28) Phoenix

The pre-season is far from over, but I can already tell you one team I will for sure be re-evaluating: Minnesota. They deserve better than (21). A minus 5 for second road game in two days might be too much, but it worked there. I might look later at retroactively applying it to see what the results were. Another team that might get another look? Edmonton. Unless they’ve been holding back more than their scoresheets look like they are, they aren’t living up yet.

BULL: Detroit
They brought Datsyuk back. Good move

BEAR: Colorado
Hejduk is out for 5 weeks with a knee thing. So that leaves them with Joe “Contract Year” Sakic and Tanguay.

9/19: Going strong

(13) Tampa +1 (20) Detroit
(7) Pittsburg +2 (24) Columbus

That performance makes me wonder about Pittsburg, Mario and Sidney or not. Fleury got bitched and Thibault isn’t so hot to being with.


9/18 Results

(12) Atlanta +1 (16) Montreal
(2) Ottawa +1 (11) Toronto
(3) Edmonton +1 (18) Dallas
(17) Chicago +1 (21) Minnesota
(24) Columbus +1 (25) Buffalo
(23) Florida +1 (27) Carolina
(9) San Jose +1 (14) Los Angeles

After a bad night from a bad spread-call on a Buffalo/Washington game and a all-too-predictable Anaheim collapse in Los Angeles, the system recovers nicely to put me back in the black (and damn if Columbus wouldn’t have been lower if Nash’s injury had been input).


Observation: I have to apply some coefficient for things like 2 games in a row on the road, etc. Minnesota has played three in a row. Adding variables reaches diminishing returns quickly, and so far this has worked even though preseason rosters fluctuate like a $5 whore’s head.