NHL: South-least division?

Here’s a wierd stat:

Say what you want, but every team in the Southeast Division except expansion Atlanta has been to the finals in the last 10 years. Florida lost in 1996, Washington lost in 1998, Carolina lost in 2002, and Tampa Bay won it all of course in 2004.

How does that compare?

NE – Buffalo lost in 1999
ATL – NJ won in 2000, 2003, went to finals in 2001; PHI lost in 1997
C – Detroit won in 1997, 1998, 2002
PAC – Anaheim went to finals in 2003; Dallas won in 1999;
NW – Colorado won in 1996, 2001; Calgary lost in 2004

Wierd stat–but no other division even three in this category.

And Carolina is making a case to pad that total this year.

The Bush Energy SOTU

The U.S. is addicted to oil. Very true, and calculated to be provocative too. Generalissimo Bush also served up fine speeches on fighting terrorism post-9/11, rebuilding New Orleans post-Katrina, and on smaller issues like AIDS in Africa. In the end the war on terrorism turned into a war of choice for oil and revenge in Iraq, New Orleans is still leveled with no concrete plan for being rebuilt and the Africa AIDS money never came.

I’ll believe Great Leader’s flip-flop for energy independence if concrete actions take place once the echo of the talking points has silenced. I’m not holdinng my breath.

Update: One rhetorical flourish mixed with a few good, but not paradigm changing initiatives. Nothing offered that would reduce consumption. Generations will curse his inaction and incompetence.

The Scalito Fight

So, in the end it amounted to a worthless political exercise, so those candidates who thought it would help them in 2006 can be excused from voting against cloture. Then what’s Libermann’s excuse or Inoyue’s?

Sheesh. Another resounding defeat.

Munich, Goldilocks, and Intergenerational Psychic Wounds on America's Foregin Policy

So much of the Cold War mentality referenced the failure at Munich to stop Hitler. Given the cliched injunction to mind history lest it repeat itself, a generation of leaders grew up believing that repressive forces must be dealt with swiftly, immediately, and overwhelmingly.

As an amateur student of this history, I can only say with mild authority that I do not believe that anything short of total war could have even slowed Hitler at the time of Munich. If nothing else, the situation gave more time for America to gain interest. England might have been totally defeated in the interim–who knows?

This mentality forced the US’s hand in Viet Nam and Korea, and it has forced our hand in Iraq. I agree its dangerous to let history repeat itself, but you have to be careful which history you want to repeat and which you want to avoid.

Every response needs to be appropriate for the time and the circumstances: just right, like Goldilock’s porridge. Too hot, and we get mired in pointless wars; too cold, and the world may never be safe.

And one overcorrection may lead to another: too hot gets us into Viet Nam, which may have pushed many Americans into too cold, which may have overrestricted us in Bosnia.

Coaching Deadpool

#1 – Pat Quinn: Maybe your time has finally come, Pat. This team is falling apart, and it’s not because one or two or three players are messing up. It’s because the team is sick.

#2 – Andy Murray: I heard his name mentioned for coach of the year recently. That’s a natural reaction when a team seems to be overachieving, but the Kings are finally showing signs that they can’t hang with the big boys, which is too bad, because they were fun when they were clicking on all cylinders.

Fringe candidates: Kitchen, Therrien, Crawford.

Prediction Watch

On December 31, 2005, I made this prediction:

(3) The Liberals will win the Canadian election, but will still be in the minority. The upshot? They will have to concede more to the NDP, moving the goverment to the left, not to the right. Canadians aren’t going to put a Bush-like government into place.

Oopse. Let’s parse it. The Liberals lost. However, they and the NDP have more votes than the Conservatives, but the two combined do not have a majority, either. 124 PMs when you need 155 to get a majority is going to mean that I was at least right about the last part: if this new government even twitches towards Bush, it will fall. In the meantime, they’ll have trouble passing anything too different.

This is something like what people were looking for here in 2000, but there’s no way for it to manifest here.

Supremes Punt On BlackBerry Case.

I’m an attorney, so you don’t have to remind me about the procedure for writs of certiorari and how appeals to the Supreme Court works, on, why on procedural grounds, the Blackberry case may not have warranted them stepping in–under their rules.

But this is the first case in many years, probably in decades if you exclude Bush v. Gore, which they shoudln’t have heard, that actually has real national significance and could impact millions directly and millions more indirectly.

Shutting down the BlackBerry service in the United States could be catastrophic for many businesses. This could be the Hurricane Katrina of Wall Street and big law firms. But the Supremes want to leave it to the Federal Circuit, which, at least specializes in patent law, and other lower courts.

Say what you want about the Warren Court, but they understood what was nationally critical in a way that courts since, and, apparently, including the Roberts court, have failed to.

So, on that note, back to arguing over the meaning of “work corruption of blood.”