Handicapping 9/16

(21) MINNESOTA +1 over (28) PHOENIX
(27) CAROLINA +2 over (30) WASHINGTON
(3) EDMONTON +1 over (6) CALGARY

I can’t find odds on these, so we’ll say I’m betting $100 virtual dollars on each with even odds.

UPDATE: 2 for 3. That’s enough to make money. +$200.

2 thoughts on “Handicapping 9/16”

  1. As one who gambles on sports often there are rarely even odds for anything and odds for hockey games tend to be pretty bad. Generally you would have to bet $160 to win $100. Usually, I stay away from hockey bets because each game is too random; one stand-on-his-head performance by the goalie can equalize every other factor.What hockey is good for is pre-season over/under bets on the total points each team will accumulate for the season. The one I’m watching: Tampa Bay. They are a good team yes, but in their Cup year they had zero substantive injuries and they snuck up on people and tied lots of games in the last minutes. Every player on the team had a career year. Either they are the next Oilers or they are due for a meaningful fall.This is not quite as good of a bet now as it would’ve been before the lock out, becuase losing ‘Boulin will lower their point total.


  2. Each game is random, but if you know what you’re doing and you bet on ten, you’ll make money. Plus, share based gambling allows for arbitrage, and that’s where I make most of my profit.


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