They will STILL get away with it.

DeLay indicted.

Frist investigated by the SEC.

Karl Rove up to his neck in Plamegate.

And most likely because of all of the dust kicked up in the 90s about Clinton, people are skeptical about the media’s claims about this kind of thing. The difference of course, is there is an identifiable source of the false allegations against Clinton, and only the truth conspiring against the party of personal responsibility here.

The press will smear Ronnie Earle, slayer of Democrats, more than Delay because he is a Democrat. I don’t know what their excuse will be with Frist. Rove is easy: everyone out to get him is Michael Moore.

They will get away with it. They will retain their majorities in 2006, and the 2008 Republican nominee will be the one who easily pivots against all of this.

Big whoop. Call me when we win an election.