You Didn't Really Think They Weren't Getting Away With It, Did You?

Apparently, because a Democratic mayor and a Democratic governor didn’t exercise powers they don’t have, they are equally as responsible as President Bush for the disaster. The media gave Bush a relatively rough ride the last week, but it’s winding down.

Ignore that Bush has politicized this just as he asked not to be done (just like 9/11) by spinning blame on to Blanco and Nagin by, inter alia, proposing no “prevailing wages” for reconstruction.

Ignore that Bush’s claims that when he’s on vacation he has all the tools of the modern presidency with him, but seems to fuck up terror warnings and hurricane responses while he’s on them.

Ignore that Bush’s pure cronies bungled the investigation.

You don’t reall think he wasn’t going to get away with it, did you? With over a year until the midterms, even Bush’s shitty record in 2005 may not affect the outcome of many elections, and, of course, he’s never up for reelection himself. This is a perfect time for Republican contenders to step in and show their “independence.”

Of course, it’s heartening to see Establishment “liberals” like Tom Friedman and Mickey Kaus finally turn their fire on the man—but it doesn’t matter now. All we can say to folks like this is, how stupid are you? What sort of polly-annaish universe to you live in where you simply can’t allow yourself to see what this man and his administration represent? Many of us could see this coming six years ago—why couldn’t the experts?

A big part of the answer is by looking at the alternative. While I’m confident President Gore would have been a good, if not remarkable president, John Kerry would have been another Carter, and a disaster for the Democratic party. On balance, Kerry would have helped the country by not being Bush, but that’s about as much as I can say for the man. Maybe someone will be able to stand up on the other side of the aisle and survive the right wing slime machine, but I doubt it.

In the end, you knew that Bush’s reputation wouldn’t be harmed by this, the same way no matter how low his approval ratings sink, his coverage is favorable. Of course he will get away with it.

One thought on “You Didn't Really Think They Weren't Getting Away With It, Did You?”

  1. The “Blame the Locals” line will give the Conservatrons a reliable talking point and will give second-circuit types who flocked to Bush post-9/11 an irrationale not to realize that their champion is a pusilanimous disgrace. The media is strongly tilted right and this allows them to reduce the story to the normal “he said she said” dichotomy and not offend the figurehead of their corporate backers. Still, for a beyond the margin of error majority of the country Katrina still revealed Generalissimo Bush for the disaster that he is and this will be reflected in the public mood throughout. Recall that the press coverage of Clinton in the Lewinsky phase was much harsher than the public opinion, the opposite will be true here.Had a prominent Democrat said what you and I said, that Katrina marks a fundamental decline in America after 5 years of Bush, he or she would have the authority to swat down the “blame the locals” nonsense. Once again, not enough spine or teeth.


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