(26) Islanders +1 (29) Rangers
(13-5, Road 2) Tampa Bay -1 (16) Montreal
(10) Boston +1 (11) Toronto
(21) Minnesota +1 (25) Buffalo
(3) Edmonton +1 (18) Dallas
(14) Los Angeles +1 (28) Phoenix

The pre-season is far from over, but I can already tell you one team I will for sure be re-evaluating: Minnesota. They deserve better than (21). A minus 5 for second road game in two days might be too much, but it worked there. I might look later at retroactively applying it to see what the results were. Another team that might get another look? Edmonton. Unless they’ve been holding back more than their scoresheets look like they are, they aren’t living up yet.

BULL: Detroit
They brought Datsyuk back. Good move

BEAR: Colorado
Hejduk is out for 5 weeks with a knee thing. So that leaves them with Joe “Contract Year” Sakic and Tanguay.