It's Real……

OK, so I am pretty much convinced now that this is not some kind of weird vitamin pill induced vivid dream, and John McCain really did pick Sarah Fucking Palin to be his running mate, and did in fact stare at her ass while fiddling with his wedding ring during her cheerleaderish introduction speech.

Without beating a dead horse, what does this say about John McCain’s judgment?

And people were worried about Obama answering the phone at 3 a.m.?!

Let’s put it this way: Joe Biden called Slobodan Milosevic a war criminal to his face.  What’s Sarah Palin going to do? Hope Putin looks into her eyes and gets a boner?

I suppose if one of the constitutional duties of the the VP was to decide on Washington D.C.’s zoning issues, she’d be very prepared.

Palindrome Nilap

Bush Patsy McCain spills Palin; Nil Ap Sllips?

Okay, not quite, but this gamble could well be the latest example of Bush Patsy McCain’s lifetime of horrible judgment.

I spent a formative summer working in Alaska when I was nineteen. It is a special place. Alaska is a true frontier where anyone willing to work hard and withstand the winter can make it, regardless of education level or even criminal history. As such, Alaskan politics is all about allowing enough corporate — outside of the family fishing boat — natural resource development and federal swag to create great wealth while distributing this moolah widely through high wages for all manner of manual laborers and that sweet oil royalty check each Alaskan gets yearly.

Anchorage is like the Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon of 110 years ago: the place to have a professional complete the paperwork on the wealth you just made out in the “bush,” and then go get liquored up, peruse and pursue the reproductive organ of your choice, and ponder your next effort. Although about 40% of Alaskans reside in Anchorage, “Real Alaska” is the “bush” and the semi-isolated towns like Nilap’s Wasilla. I suspect that Nilap’s success in Alaska was a reaction to the corporate/federal largess side of Alaskan politics getting so out of whack that it appeared to defy the reverence-for-hard-work chunk of the Alaskan zietgiest. Nilap of Wasilla was then a perfect “Real” Alaskan to set the barometer the other way and increase the oil royalty checks while scooping out a side of ethics reform. Her story really ends there and if there is fire to accompany the smoke of her own Troopergate then she and Bush Patsy McCain are toast.

The problem with Nilap’s history is its relevance to the rest of America. Alaska is a unique state with no cities equivalent to a Columbus or Albuquerque (to say nothing of Los Angeles or New York), no towns like Scranton, no first ring suburbs, few office parks, and few factories. Even its isolated, semi-autonomous, small towns and rural areas are much more wild than Any Town, Missour-uh or even any exurb. Heck, even its indigenous people have a political situation unlike those of the Tribes in the contiguous American West. Obama has also had to link his exotic background to Americus familiarus, but he has proven a master of relevance from his 04 debut. His experience is much more thorough than Nilap’s and he has been squeezed, percolated, and consumed for 20 months against the toughest of competition and emerged more than viable.

The passion of the Clintonettes has always confounded me, but it is telling that HRC only earned it, after 16 years in the public spotlight, once the tear up moment in New Hampshire made her seem at one with a legion of quietly exasperated Boomer women. The most insane PUMAs were never going to vote for Obama, but it seems unlikely that the vast majority of rational Clintonettes would support Nilap just because; just as they wouldn’t have supported the infinitely more qualified Sibellius or McCaskill had Obama veeped them.

One of the great developments of the Democratic Convention is that it is now clear to anyone with a whit of political savvy that the more HRC does to get Obama elected the more she increases her own clout. If her efforts already haven’t made her Senate Majority Leader, she will certainly be the most prominent member of that chamber and she obviously has the acumen to use that prominence to wield tremendous influence.

I’d like to see Dems hammer Bush Patsy McCain/Nilap on the equal pay issue the Dems raised so artfully throughout their convention. If Nilap supports it then why doesn’t Bush Patsy McCain? If she doesn’t then it is clear that Nilap doesn’t care about woman’s economic equality any more than she cares about their reproductive freedom. What a Conservatron! I’d love to see HRC deliver a harsh verdict when Nilap accepts next Wednesday.

Apparently, Nilap does not even know what the Veep does, y’know, stuff like being President of the Senate and breaking fifty-fifty ties. If a month from now Nilap turns out to be Dan Quayle with a vagina then we are in for a landslide come November.

Update: I spent my formative summer working at a fish cannery in Bristol Bay. Every year millions of sockeye salmon return to Bristol Bay to spawn; evidently, horny Alaskan teenagers(?) do the same thing.

Barack Obama: The 21st Century Jacksonian

Andrew Jackson was the first president elected through universal white male suffrage. This seems hopelessly limiting today, but eliminating the property owning requirement opened the vote to the hardscrabble, not necessarily educated, self-made folks of the old old west of Tennessee and Kentucky and the like. There were folks who mostly immigrated from different parts of Europe and had austere upbringings compared to the founders. At the end of their lives the founding fathers viewed these new voters with Pandora-like horror; the great republic that was to have been run by disinterested gentleman would now be directed by the passions and heat of the unwashed masses.

Jackson was a bizarre and contradictory President, but he is on the twenty dollar bill because he encapsulates this larger democratic change.

Obama is not bringing voting power to any group that lacks it. Rather he is an ambassador from America’s polygot future, where multi-racial or multi-cultural upbringings are the the norm; where it is easy and obvious for someone to be both definitively Polish, Bengali, Jewish, or Peruvian and genuine USA All-American. The story of his candidacy — beyond the fact that his positions and reasoning are deep and impressive if you bother to do your homework — is the ability of increasing numbers of the mini-tribes that America has coalesced into to see their otherness in his otherness and accept both. This explains both the ability to draw 75,000 person crowds and the uneasy lack of definition many, mostly older, people feel about the Obamathon.

In that spirit the fourth night of the convention was a 21st century update to the “hard cider and log cabin” rallies of the Jacksonian Era. These were community affairs featuring ample drinking, dancing, speechifying and music making. Similarly, just like the huge Obama rally in my hometown last spring, Mile High Stadium was “the place to be” last night, especially when viewed on C-Span without the agonizing interference of the cable news bloviating filter feeders. Both the live and piped music was grand. There was dancing, merriment and yes drinking aplenty. The speeches by the “typical” Americans, a Jacksonian touchstone, were even better than usual because they were delivered with affect in front of a group of peers rather than delegates. Seeing Pelosi and other luminaries as just part of the gigantic crowd was in the best spirit of Jacksonian equality. Gore added wonderful praise to Obama’s younger voters, treating them as a force rather an oddity. Obama’s speech was magnificent. It had enough detail and fortitude to defy the foolishly low expectations that the Conservatrons had set for him, and enough of his trademark Persuasive relevancy and rhetoric to ignite the crowd.

The moment produced a glow with fireworks raining confetti. Even the network anchor types seemed to get it.

Bush Patsy McCain gets to step on this moment with his peculiar choice of Palin for veep, but I suspect that the future of American politics will look like that rally last night. A happening; a Be In with song, spectacle and speech that is more about your presence there –through your computer if not physically — than producing a seven second audio and visual for the old network news that no one watches anymore anyway.

Liebermann, Jew-tool for McCain

You know, the msm sez Jews don’t like Obama. So McCain is going to pretend to pick Liebermann.

Too bad actual data has Jews 3 to 1 for Muslim Obama.

It would be one thing to be as big of a tool as Joe, but to willingly be that way and like it? Oy.

Hillary Nails It.

You were just as stupid as a PUMA if you thought that the Clintons wouldn’t work to beat the Republicans. Do you remember what they were put through by the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?” If there is a mortal enemy of the Clintons, it’s that crew; not the Obamas.

Sure, it always sucks to lose. And if you’re Bill Clinton, to hear over and over that your legacy has been tarnished and that your playing racial politics when you were one of the best Presidents ever on African-American issues, when there are literally schools named after you in black neighborhoods—it’s gonna stick in your craw.

But the last thing the Clintons will allow, if they can control, is for the Republicans to beat them.

That was the speech of her life and everyone knows it. I think I’m glad Obama picked Biden, but as Mr. MacGregor says—is there any doubt that she’s the next majority leader.

Night Two

I. Damn it! How come more Democrats cannot pull off a speech like Kucinich’s?

II. Happy that the scabbard by and large came out today. Especially gratified that people began to point out Bush Patsy McCain’s rabidly anti-female stances.

III. If not for Obama’s need to shore up his foreign policy credentials Schweitzer should definitely have been the Veep if he wanted it.

IV. Hillary finally delivered a Persuasive speech! The choice not being about her, but about the American anecdotes she mentioned was the perfect antidote to the narcissistic nonsense of the Boomer Pumites. Bravo! How much longer do you think that Harry Reid will really be Majority Leader, either officially or practically?