Another Truthiness Meme About the Devils

On about a dozen occassions, Pierre McGuire (who usually knows better), Ed Olcyzk, and Ray Ferraro, apparently trying to address people’s concerns about the Devils have been pumping their offensive capability, about how they no longer dump and chase and are going for the 3rd and 4th goals.

Are these guys stuck in 1997 too?!! The Devils led the NHL in scoring in 2000-01. Yes, it’s true. Remember that. Read it. Check it. They haven’t played dump and chase since before the ‘A’ line days. Of course, they were 2nd only to Buffalo in goals against too, so people might remember that more. (That year was easily their best regular season.)

Emrick knows that, and he was the only one not to repeat it.

A broomful of SHGs

Awww, how cute. A powerplay goal with 1:27 left. Yes, J.D., this shows their fans they’re not just going to say goodbye. Sure. What explains their performance in the last half of this game and game 3? They were broken. The series ended when Ozolinsh scored an own-goal on Madden’s break away.

So much for the Rangers marketing season.

Na na na na hey hey goodbye…. SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!

League Still Dreaming of 1997

Imagine a year where the Rangers, Flyers, Detroit, and Colorado are the final four teams. It’s what we’re told to expect every year. In the interim, ESPN, the NHL, and, now, OLN have been forced to make some excuses up for the Rangers, but they finally got them back in. Just sub in a southern team like Dallas, Florida, Carolina, or Tampa.

Well, that happened, if you remember in 1997, and then Detroit won, just like they’d been [i.e. the league et al.] wanting since at least 1994 (they wanted Detroit to face the Rangers in the final but San Jose ruined that).

The first hockey I watched was Olympic hockey, and the announcers were well within their rights to push for Team USA. The first Olympics I remember was 1984, and the US team there was in the shadow on the Miracle, and didn’t do so well. But isn’t it strange that three things all started happening at about the same time (1) Bettman (2) expanstion and (3) blatant pimping of certain teams by the media?

National broadcasts in this country show big market teams even if they are boring to watch. I’ll give you an example. There’s a decent chance that the second round will feature a Calgary-Edmonton matchup. If that’s the case, don’t you think that will make for better theater than some mid-season meaningless game between the Kings and the Rangers?

The NHL operates under a pervasive inferiority complex. They feel like they have to pimp the game in places it has no organic base and change it to make it appear more interesting to the casual observer.

People who dont’ even like sports like hockey if they’ve been to a game in person. These things spread like this: some core group of people really gets into something and others get interested, try it, and like it. This way you build by nourishing the most rabid fans and expanding outword. You don’t try to please people who are fickle and then fill in the middle until you reach depressed alienated former hardcore fans who have switched to college or junior viewing.

They shouldn’t have put teams in those southern cities until they had years or rabid support for an AHL team or some other organic sign of fandom. It diluted the talent pool, and that, more than anything caused the “dead puck” era.

Fucking incompetents.


In another act of desperation, Ranger head coach Tom Renney, obviously seeking to deflect criticism away from his bumbling, has accused the Devils–the Devils!–of diving. $10 says we see at least one diving call tonight.

Jagr Out Again

Sam Rosen told a Maple Leaf fan radio station today that Jagr said that it will be a “miracle” if he plays in Game 3, but he would be in the lineup if he could play even a little.

Rumor also has it that Lunquist will be back in net for game 3.

Jagr is out because of his own bad luck and a poor coaching decision by Renney. Renney’s “hunch” to put in Kevin Weekes backfired, and now if Lundquist loses game 3, his confidence could be shot forever, and we’ve seen what that can do to regular season goalies like Marty Turco, Patrick Lalime, and Dan Cloutier.

There have to be at least a few Rangers in the locker room that are starting to lose faith in their coach. Even still, what they need is not Jagr, a perennial self-interested non-playoff performer. (Who cares if he helped beat the Devils in the first round–he’s never won shit without Mario Lemieux around.)

They need players like Patrik Elias, John Madden, and Martin Brodeur. They have none.

Rag$ are the Republican$ of Ice Hockey

“If there is a weakness in Brodeur’s game, it’s the wrap around,” repeat the OLN corporate lackeys. Really? I have watched nearly every game that Brodeur has ever played and I have never noticed him to be more prone to the wrap around goal than any other goalie; indeed he is probably less prone to it. But because the Matteau and Graves goals have been replayed ten thousand times, and because the Murdoch NY Post wants to work the truthiness angle, and because they have the echo chamber to trumpet it, and because the neutered establishment barnacles in the NY Times (whose hockey reporter admitted that he had to look up the winner of the last Stanley Cup) are too lazy to do any actual reporting, this falsity gets repeated to the point where it becomes folk wisdom. Sounds like a classic Conservatron strawman ploy to me: from WMDs, to Dean is angry, to “flip flopper,” to Brodeur gives up the wrap around the tactic is the same only the subject matter is different.

In politics the nonsense fools enough opinion makers to establish “reality.” In ice hockey, the Rag$ try wrap around after wrap around and lose the first two games 10-2 while Brodeur stops 54 of 56 shots for a .964 save percentage.

And still the vast majority of the coverage surrounding the series focuses on the worst-of-Wall-Street-and-Staten-Island Rag$, despite Madden’s hat trick with two shorties, or Elias’ six point night.

The Rag$ and the Republican$ represent the worst of the human spirit.


It took me about 15 minutes to stop screaming after Madden scored his second goal. . . I need a cigarette. Whew.

Just when I thought I’d seen this movie before. . . winning game 2 and then hosed by the refs, down 5-3 including a double minor. . . Madden sticks it in ’em.