Rag$ are the Republican$ of Ice Hockey

“If there is a weakness in Brodeur’s game, it’s the wrap around,” repeat the OLN corporate lackeys. Really? I have watched nearly every game that Brodeur has ever played and I have never noticed him to be more prone to the wrap around goal than any other goalie; indeed he is probably less prone to it. But because the Matteau and Graves goals have been replayed ten thousand times, and because the Murdoch NY Post wants to work the truthiness angle, and because they have the echo chamber to trumpet it, and because the neutered establishment barnacles in the NY Times (whose hockey reporter admitted that he had to look up the winner of the last Stanley Cup) are too lazy to do any actual reporting, this falsity gets repeated to the point where it becomes folk wisdom. Sounds like a classic Conservatron strawman ploy to me: from WMDs, to Dean is angry, to “flip flopper,” to Brodeur gives up the wrap around the tactic is the same only the subject matter is different.

In politics the nonsense fools enough opinion makers to establish “reality.” In ice hockey, the Rag$ try wrap around after wrap around and lose the first two games 10-2 while Brodeur stops 54 of 56 shots for a .964 save percentage.

And still the vast majority of the coverage surrounding the series focuses on the worst-of-Wall-Street-and-Staten-Island Rag$, despite Madden’s hat trick with two shorties, or Elias’ six point night.

The Rag$ and the Republican$ represent the worst of the human spirit.

One thought on “Rag$ are the Republican$ of Ice Hockey”

  1. Earlier in his career (closer in time to Matteau and Graves), the book on Brodeur was he was weakest on the high glove side. I never saw that either.I don’t think there’s any particular target that he’s weaker on much more than others.If I was trying to score on him, I would try to backhand it over his glove shoulder.


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