1550 Warheads

There was some concern in the Hawk community about the effects on Mutually Assured Destruction if we went below about 2,000 warheads. Hmph. Let me show you what just five 750 kt weapons would do to the United States. Given the sociological hysteria that ensued from a mere 3,000 deaths on 9/11, you can only imagine that it would literally end our civilization if just five weapons struck America. Take a look.

Washington, D.C.:

New York:



Los Angeles:

No One Could Have Predicted

That the porcine Conservatron Governor of Mississippi would be a racist boor. Or that his idiot trumpeters in the Weekly Standard would be too stupid to realize how disastrous his bloviations would be and print them anyhos. Because, of course, the whole point of the Weekly Standard running a profile on a Conservatron swine snorting at the chance to feed at the Presidential trough like Barbour is to knee cap him. Exit stage backwards to your sty Pig Man. “Ha ha charade you are!”


Francis has an interesting analysis of our recent history (which was evidently restarted at some point) of  populism generated by right wing “left behinds” that only serves to embolden the plutocracts that are leaving these Conservatron Patsies behind. Fukuyama does make some worthwhile points about Chicago School economics providing a pseudo-intellectual rationalization to Reaganism and allowing bankers and “economists” to participate in a revolving exclusive circle jerk that enriches them both. Still, Fukuyama is leaving out the Racist Elephant in the room, namely the Republicans’ Southern Strategy. Fukuyama notes that somehow there was a populist sense that government would only waste money that cropped up in the 1970s  without ever considering that for a southern FDR Democrat the government redistributing wealth to electrify the south and the west in the 30s is worthwhile, but once the government assures that blacks are no longer formally second class citizens in the 1960s, then its redistribution must surely go to helping THEM (whoever they may be — there are many THEYs) at the expense of HIM. Or, as Ronald Reagan said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.”

Sure I used a Strawman and my analysis isn’t appearing in an academic magazine, but click on the link and decide for yourself who has the more compelling argument. I feel that MacGregor’s First Rule of American History still holds: At the end of the day, everything comes back to race.

The Mandate

Is the “individual mandate” component of the ACA unconstitutional?

In any kind of system where precedent matters, no. But the increasing politicalization of the judiciary by Republicans means that on high-stakes matters, judges cast political votes much more than they apply the law.

In other words, whether the individual mandate is constitutional is up to Justice Kennedy. I think he will uphold it because striking it down would essentially create open season on numerous government programs.

But it’s pretty obvious that this can be fixed if necessary. All the government need do is pass a tax of the same amount as the penalty/fine for not getting insurance, which anyone who has insurance is exempt.

There may or may not be the need for the government to do anything other than claim they acted under their taxing power and that this is in fact a tax. Normally, acts of Congress are deemed valid if they can be sustained under any of their powers.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible that the right could conceive of some sort of rule that says forcing people to buy something that impacts their medical care is a bridge too far or something. There’s no limit to what they’ll argue.

Actually, I find this exercise a useful vent for bagger rage. They’re going to need it when they realize the people they elected don’t give a shit about repeal and are just interested in juicing the government for the rich.


The President could kiss and make up with the left by making a bunch of recess appointments, including especially Elizabeth Warren.

Anyone think we could use a 4th circuit judge this year too? (i.e. the health care appeal)

Fill ’em all up. Every single last vacant position. Some of them will get confirmed, some won’t. But you’ll get better people than if you’d asked the fucking Senate first.