The Left

The Left thinks the reason it gets no respect is that Democrats are as captured by the corporate elites as the Republicans are.

If this is true, it’s because The Left is not a reliable political force. The Right may refuse to turn out in huge numbers from time to time, but it learned its lesson from primarying Bush I and Ford. Bush II did plenty of things to upset the Right, including the biggest expansion of government since LBJ in Medicare Part D.

The Right turns out for Republicans. The Left only turns out for Democrats when they feel like it. They did not feel like it in 2000. They did not feel like it in 2010.

It’s perhaps a chicken and egg problem with the corporate capture of the Democrats, but this is getting ridiculous.

President Obama is on the cusp of ratifying the most significant nuclear non-proliferation treaty since the end of the Cold War, repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and providing substantial economic relief for the unemployed and middle class in a lame duck session of Congress and he’s still not good enough for The Left.

I’m so old I can remember when we said people were racist when no matter what he did Obama couldn’t please them.