Whites In America Rejoice At Their Own OJ

So, after decades of negro oppression (see, you can’t even say “negro” anymore! I’m not racist, but I want to be able to call negroes negroes and they just have to deal with all of the baggage of that term so that I can have my freedom) white people may finally be seeing some justice in this country. Will it make up for all of the confiscatory taxing to pay for luxury vehicles for negroes who do no work all these years? or for the kidnapping of white children into schools with non-white kids? or for the fact that blacks like OJ Simpson can murder white girls at will, after raping them, for free? I doubt it.

And of course it won’t make up for the fact that illegitimate Kenyan socialist muslin terrorist Obama is the mongrel king of America!

But hey, the murder of an innocent black kid for wearing the wrong clothes in the wrong neighborhood going unpunished is something! He was 17 and once smoked pot. Why, I bet by that age he has even fathered several illegitimate children collecting welfare from all of the upstanding white slave workers!

But we obviously have a long way to go. We can’t say negroes in the open yet. And we must be ever vigilant lest we get techo-lynched like The Last Honest Man, John Derbyshire who was pilloried for having the courage to spout racist pseudo-science The TRUTH on the Internet. Except for his Chinese wife and mongrel children, he is a SAINT! All he was saying is that he didn’t want his children to get caught in a stampede of a tribe of negroes at the beach! Who would want that?

But, hey, just a few more of these and the shootings in Tulsa and whitey may be FREE AT LAST! (because MLK was a Republican!)