Obama Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn't.

So, Obama is “ramming through” an unemployment extension by wheeling and dealing, the way all of the Lefties told him to do during the healthcare debate, but now he’s caving on tax cuts for the rich.

Really, people, what exactly do you want the man to do?

I understand the opposition to the tax cuts for the rich, I just don’t think it’s like the number one most vital thing in the entire frickin’ universe. The Republicans have a certain amount of power in Washington. You can either water down single issues, like the healthcare bill, or you can trade one thing for the other, like unemployment (and perhaps DADT repeal, START, and the middle class tax cuts) for something else—here a three year extension of the Bush cuts.

Really, if you care about the deficit, you’d want all of the tax cuts to expire. The bulk of the cost of the cuts are for the middle class. As people are fond of pointing out, we did fine during the Clinton years. So, if the deficit is such a concern ,we could go back to them and be fine.

But of course, this is politics.

I’m not arguing that the rich deserve tax cuts or that said cuts will help the economy. I’m not arguing that the Republicans are doing the right thing here. I’m just arguing that they are the price for things we do want. And while I do believe our politics have been massively corrupted by the lobbying influence of the rich, this tax cut is not the crucial difference. It may have made an impact in 2000-2009, but in 2010 we have Citizen’s United at the top of the list first.