Time To Go, Hillary.

Bill Richardson is right. It’s time to unite the party.

(Gov. Richardson is often right. If he had half the speaking ability of Obama, he’d win in a landslide.)

Obama survived Pastorgate. It looked iffy there for a minute, as some really bad polls came out at first. It looked like Obama might have Spitzered. And this was a legitimate fear–after all, he’s never really had to face a tough election challenge. He certainly has now. Sure, the Republicans will go tougher on him, but it’s pretty clear that there won’t be any surprises there. It will be a crypto-racist equation of Obama with Arabs. (Crypto-racist in that it’s a proxy for his blackness and not strictly an anti-Arab racism.)

Hillary is tied with Obama if the Florida and Michigan delegates don’t get to vote. I believe that is a disgusting miscarriage of democracy–the will of the voters is supposed to be paramount. Obamites can’t argue that out of one side of their mouth–against Superdelegates–and then talk about “rules” with respect to these states. It’s sickly hypocritical.

But, reality is reality. Without those states, Hillary isn’t winning. Richardson will hopefully start a flood of Superdelegates calling it for Obama, which could make the remaining primaries academic. Sure, that would be the Superdelegates swaying the race, but they’re going to have to do that anyway.

If Obama had continued to slide from Pastorgate, I think Hillary would have had a case to stay in, but the numbers are stabilizing. April is right around the corner.

Game on.

Thanks Bill…

But you could have learned a thing or two about timing. Had you endorsed Obama say a week before Texas and campaigned you could have helped put Obama over the top there and ended the pointless primary feud.

Timing is crucial. Hillary should have run for President in 2004. Similarly, Richardson’s delay substantially lowered the impact of his endorsement. That lack of instinct is one reason he did not make it out of divisional play and why Hillary won’t make it to the championship round this year.

Blogger Anecdotes About "The Speech"

I admire Obama for his candor, and I think that he made the best of a bad situation by dismissing his pastor’s remarks–especially since those remarks do in fact contradict Obama’s message as well as his own identity. How can we unite anyone if we’re breathing fire at them?

Yet he didn’t completely throw his pastor under the bus. I admire that.

Whether I think that was the best thing to do politically, I’m not sure. Time will tell. But, again, as has been the case since the keyboard kommandos switched from Edwards around Iowa (We’ve always been at war with East Asia!) it’s Obama’s supporters, not his own doings, that are ludicrous.

Flipping through the usual lefty blogs this morning, I read a bunch of anecdotes about how well middle America received Obama’s speech. I read how clever it was to do this in order to deflect the muslim “smear.”

It might have been a scene from a happy ending of a movie, yeah. But in the rough and tumble world of politics, this was done because his poll numbers were slumping, not because he thought now would be a good time to talk about race.

This, quite frankly, was not the response I wanted to see. I wanted to see Obama blast someone for talking about what his pastor said and go on a very long litany of odious things that McCain’s “spiritual advisor” said or advocates. C’mon Barack — if you’re people are telling you what they’re telling me — that it’s “mathematically impossible” for Hillary to win, then let’s go.

Let’s get in the game, Mister.

The Many Stages of Generalissimo Bush

Stage I was “Warren G. Harding” Bush — a mealy-brained corrupt patsy for big business who would have been long dead or in jail if not for the outrageous fortune of his birth. After 9/11 this gave way to Stage II: “Generalissimo” Bush — a hate-based fear and smear fascist-lite that terrified and hectored his way to power and a war for oil in Iraq. “Warren G. Harding” Bush did not disappear here, by the way, there is something corny about all fascistic types, it’s just that Generalissimo Bush was predominant at this stage.

Somewhere oh around 2005 a tipping point occurred in which enough American’s recovered their critical thinking skills and Generalissimo Bush gave way to Stage III: “Late LBJ” Bush — a pathetic cheerleader for a gone war (though I sense that this Bush did not share LBJ’s private sadness over the death he had wrought). “Late LBJ” Bush has been surprisingly effective at killing the clock on his war so as to stick his replacement for “losing it.” More is the pity.

“Late LBJ” Bush has recently given way, incredibly, to “Herbert Hoover” Bush — an almost implausibly disconnected smiler for an economy that is close to careening into near ruin. Bush’s happy dancing is far more disgraceful to the office of the president than any fluid exchanges that Bubba participated in. His insistence on doing nothing of substance in the face of crisis is an echo of Hoover. Where Hoover was actually making a principled if dramatically incorrect stand, however, Bush seems sanguine.

Just when it seems that the case for Bush as the Worst President in American history could not be any clearer he finds another awful archetype to mimic.


Dear President Bush:

You have the opportunity to do one decent thing in your miserable presidency: order our boycott of the Olympics.

Two Weird Primary Themes

If you’re Barack Obama, you have to be laughing right now.

The media is simultaneously cutting you tons of slack on some things, and coming up with a new “gotcha” moment on other every few days. Today, we hear more about his non-non-threatening black pastor. It kinda sorta fits the theme of his wife saying this was the first time she was proud of America–the pastor said “god damn America” or something. This is all supposed to be Too Black for America, or something.

Back in January, one of my number one anxieties about Obama was that he would end up like Spitzer (though I didn’t have the name for it then). But no one seems to be able to come up with anything that delicious on the man.

Apparently, he is as corruption, sex, and criminally clean as politicians get. Since that’s what the media is looking for–not his voting record, his substantive positions, etc.–and they aren’t finding anything, it’s getting to the point where these continued attempts to scandalize him are failing–especially with the sharp Spitzer contrast.

(Of course we all know this isn’t really the media, it’s HITLERY!)

So, in the end, Obama will emerge as the Democratic candidate, having addressed one of his top three drawbacks in the primary, while McCain gets no ink.


Swallow not Spitzer

I’m not going to make a ridiculous post about how Spitzer shouldn’t have to quit blah blah.  Get real.  He’s done.

But I hope when he resigns, he points out that he’s doing something that neither David Vitter nor Larry Craig did.