After the first games…

Who I’ve overrated. . . Dallas, Nashville. Who I’ve underrated. . . Montreal, Buffalo, New Jersey.

Hat tip to DJS who had Nashville earmarked. I didn’t catch enough of them. Following a team really pays off. I would love to have followed San Jose, but, inexplicably, they are blacked out on my Center Ice package. I do not get the Bay Area local channels, and they also black out the Kings (not the Ducks), but I get the Kings on the local FSN channel. So, I catch the Sharks only if they’re on a national broadcast.

Can anyone seriously wonder why Jagr has never lead a team on his own to anything? He’s too damn whiny. And the Rangers are taking runs at Jay Pandolfo? What??? Say you take him out–the next guy shadows Jagr. Go for it. Maybe they’re afraid to target Gionta, Gomez, or Elias, knowing that Jagr is the retribution.

2 thoughts on “After the first games…”

  1. Overlooked in the NJ/Rags game is Elias’ six point performance, which was as prolific an offensive display as has been shown in the platoffs over the last several years. It even included the highlight reel soccer kick pass. Barely a peep from the networks and papers, even with the desire to sell goal scoring. If Jagr had a six point night you can bet it would be trumpeted loudly.There was barely any 5-on-5 play in that game so superiority in the series has yet to be established. Still, going in if you said that White would be gone after one period and there would be lots of power plays one would think that favored the Rags. So it is a big win for the Devils. If Jagr cannot play – as I suspect – then the Rags do not have the horses to run with the Devils. This Devils team is better than the one that blew it against Pittsburgh in ’99.


  2. The consensus seems to be that Jagr isn’t going to be in Game 2. If that’s the case, I think the Rangers will not have the mental toughness to think they can win. The Devils would be wise to dress seven defensemen and let White sit out the game if Jagr doesn’t play, if he needs it.If the Devils go 2-up, the series is probably over, especially if Jagr’s out.What people have not been saying is that the Rangers are a young, inexperienced team with one standout player and no MVPs on defense.That is not the recipe for a miracle playoff run.


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