Inside the mind of a Ranger fan says that Lou Lamoriello being on the board of governors has and will unduly influence the referrees against the Rangers in the playoffs.

This kind of comedy is clearly what happens when you whip ’em out and the ruler gives you bad results. You have to lower expectations and place the blame somewhere.

Even if it’s true, it’s just karma. As Marty pointed out in the Post this morning:

“Every single goal we scored, [Wayne] Gretzky asked the referee to review it, check it out upstairs. I don’t remember how many goals were disallowed that year,” Brodeur said.

“It was unbelievable. One of the referees picked up Wayne’s stick on the ice and gave it to him. I said, we’ve gotta get one of these guys.”

That’s the only thing I remembered that series for. I forgot all about Mr. Upstanding Hockey Messier’s dirty hit on Doug Gilmour. (Of course he wasn’t suspended — imagine if Bobby Holik had knocked Messier or Gretzky out? He’d be playing for beer in Ireland like Theo Fleury.)

That series’s obvious manipulation left such a deep impression on me that I seriously considered abandoning hockey as a sport after Brett Hull’s no-goal won Dallas (another NHL/ESPN favorite team, like the Rangers) the South’s first Stanley Cup (thereby vindicating Bettman’s expansion).

The difference this time is that the media promotes Jagr, but they don’t love him. They think he’s a whiny bitch. Once they had an out with Thornton, they stopped pushing him for MVP. Jagr’s no Gretzky, and he’s no Messier. That’s the only thing the Devils have going for them this time around.

3 thoughts on “Inside the mind of a Ranger fan”

  1. One of the nice things about the NHL this season is that there has been no ESPN presence becuase, absent their annoying attempts to “sell” the sport by hyping teams with the most players that a casual fan might recognize, hockey has been allowed to grow as an intensely regional and therefore vindictive sport.I also like OLN if only because of Neil Smith’s caustic commentary which is tempered by the fact that he looks like he is perpetually going through a bitter divorce.


  2. Jack Edwards, Neil Smith, and Pierre McGuire are the best commentators because they are honest and don’t just repeat the same 25 cliches over and over.


  3. I like the NBC coverage too with the field reporter and the clock showing palyers shifts. It’s nice that they do not try to explain too much, they just let the game speak for itself. That’s the best way to “sell” hockey. The superstar model just doesn’t work like it does for basketaball.


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