He's not FDR, he's Hoover

So because we’re getting some Heritage Foundation “relief” plan for the Gulf Coast and it’s using deficit spending (and deficit tax-cutting), Bush is supposed to be like FDR? Hogwash. Shitsplatter. Total crap.

This is a man who is setting up a very, very large tax cut due to his reckless borrow and taxcut behavior. Even the so-called stimulative laffer-curve type rationales aren’t even used as the window dressing for this anymore.

Look at the economic fundamentals. The deficit is mushrooming. Our dollar is weak; oil is high. Interest rates are going up (thanks in part to the weak dollar and in part to the deficit). And the shock of Katrina has yet to reverberate through the economy fully.

This is just on economics; we all know how much of a disaster he has made for our defense, security, and foreign policy.

I’ll be working to fix the Bush mess for the rest of my life. And chances are, my kids will too.