9/18 Results

(12) Atlanta +1 (16) Montreal
(2) Ottawa +1 (11) Toronto
(3) Edmonton +1 (18) Dallas
(17) Chicago +1 (21) Minnesota
(24) Columbus +1 (25) Buffalo
(23) Florida +1 (27) Carolina
(9) San Jose +1 (14) Los Angeles

After a bad night from a bad spread-call on a Buffalo/Washington game and a all-too-predictable Anaheim collapse in Los Angeles, the system recovers nicely to put me back in the black (and damn if Columbus wouldn’t have been lower if Nash’s injury had been input).


Observation: I have to apply some coefficient for things like 2 games in a row on the road, etc. Minnesota has played three in a row. Adding variables reaches diminishing returns quickly, and so far this has worked even though preseason rosters fluctuate like a $5 whore’s head.