NHL Bulls and Bears 9/9

BEAR: New Jersey Devils
With this roster, they are $5M over the salary cap when Patrik Elias comes back. As stated below, Lou Lamoriello is the best GM in the business, but it’s going to hurt to lose some combination of Friesen, Brylin, Langenbrunner, and Kozlov.

BEAR: St. Louis Blues
The Devils lost Niedermayer and Steves, the Blues have lost Pronger and MacInnis. The Blues have some good young defensive players, but they won’t be the sub-elite team they have been for the last 15 years in this west.

There are a lot of teams that look good on paper starting through training camp, or, at least ones that look a lot better. The market is still hanging on to favorites like Detroit, Colorado, and Philadelphia. Only Philadelphia deserves its high valuation. Some of the new risers, like Edmonton, Calgary, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, and Chicago, will fall flat. Some will outperform. If you wait until after the first 10 games, you might have some insight, but by then, a lot of the market moves will be made. Out of this group, I think Pittsburgh has the highest expectations and Chicago the lowest. You can trade on that, but none of these teams are worth a serious long move for the Cup yet–arbitrage only.

3 thoughts on “NHL Bulls and Bears 9/9”

  1. Colorado is a one line team with a back up goalie. We’ll see how great Tanguay and Hjeduk are without Forsberg to draw defensive attention. The Drury for Morris trade was the undoing of this gang.Anahiem is also thin upfront, the Rucchin trade was mercurial. They’ve never really replaced Oates and Thomas from the cup run. Excellent all around defense and goal tending though.Edmonton also has no goalie, at least no proven goalie, they should be fun to watch though.Pittsburgh, again a so-so goalie and a weak defensive defense. A lot of their physical upfront cogs are old: lemeiux, Recchi and Leclaire. Still, this is a team that could also get hot and win lots of 7-4 games, maybe.Chicago great goalie, solid defense, no offense.The Devils are good on paper if goalies are still an equalizer and Elias (when he’s healthy), Mogilny, Madden and Brodeur are an excellent shoot out squad, but sans Stevens the team has no identity. If only Arnott had not proved to be an arrogant douche.


  2. You don’t think Sergei Fedorov was a fair improvement over Oates?In my mind, as long as Lou is in charge in New Jersey, they’re going to be fine. Short-term, though, there’s a rough spot.


  3. Federov was a replacement for Kariya. Kariya, Rucchin, Oates and Thomas plus some other parts equaled two good scoring lines. Federov, Sykora and Selanne (assuming he can still bring it) equals one, or one and a third good scoring lines. I cannot fathom why they raded Rucchin, but perhaps I don’t know something.


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