This is Conservative America

This is Conservative America. Fend for yourself, the poor be damned. This is conservative America where the government is a sham, and it can’t do its job for the public good, without the imprimatur of big business.

The refrain in the media is “where are the troops?” Well, maybe if you had been covering Iraq, you’d know, but no one cares about Iraq either. The Astrodome is full… why not just send these people to Gaza for christ’s sake?

And of course, when the few search and rescue officials said they simply couldn’t stop the looting, Hannity and other conservatives showed all the black people they could looting, pressuring the resources there to be stretched even tighter to make it look good for white America instead of doing what they need to do.

And just like 9/11, the administration claims that no one could have anticipated it, but the same people who anticipated 9/11 anticipated this. Why does America tolerate thsi incompetence? Greed? Racism? Stupidity? Who knows, but our civilization is falling apart, one piece at a time.