Just Mailed in My Ballot!

The whole Joy of Voting phase of this marathon fell by the wayside and puked out yellow sports drink right after Tsunami Tuesday, but to hell with it.

I missed out on the pleasure of voting for Bubba Clinton in his pre-race baiter height back in 1996 by about forty days. The first Presidential ballot I got to cast was in the California open primary. I sensed even then that Bush was enough of a demon to, I am now embarassed to say, vote for McCain given that the Gore/Bradley race was over and anything that would scotch Bush seemed worthwhile. I flirted with the idea of voting for Darth Nader in 2000 but again, out of fear and loathing for Bush, cast an uninspired ballot for Gore. 2004 was a no brainer, of course, but again I voted against Generalissimo Bush much more than for Kerry in my meaningless primary and the star-crossed general.

It’s sad that every presidential ballot I have ever cast has been against Generalissimo Bush, but this made filling in the oval for Senator Obama all the more gratifying. I finally got to vote for someone.

The entire tired old guard that was socialized into marital absolutism by the 1960s, and the enforcers of their boring stasis in the formidible yet increasingly obsolete mainstream media, is galvanized against Obama right now. He is running against the Titans of Queen Clinton, her vainglorious husband, their mini-celebrity daughter, and media-darling Charlatan McCain all at once. The bloviating bromides of Jeremiah Wright prove that the wit’me-or-again’me totality of the Boomer experience that has been so glorious for the Conservatrons has its servents on the left too, this greyless black-and-white dystopia has been good for him.

I remain convinced that America’s future and this election belong to the larger change symbolized by Obama: the rise of All-American weirdos, with backgrounds and genetics that do not fit into the neat boxes we seek to put experiences into, whose inner conflicts, complexity, aspirations and warts argue against the viscious simplicity of searching for justification to disregard contrary people and opinions that fuels the Clintons, McCains and Wrights.

I remain eager and excited for the 2010s.