Coaching Deadpool: w00t!

A long time favorite of the Coaching Deadpool (see here (most recent), here, here, here, here, and here) has been Mike Kitchen. Today he got the axe, and the annoying and frumpy Andy Murray took his place.

He was off the list for a while, because I figured if JD was keeping him around, he’d get this season. But, I put him back on the “bonus” list (i.e. pure hunch) because other coaches in that same division who were frankly only underachieving relative to overhyped expectations also got the ax. That leaves Babcock and Trotz in that division. I think this is Barry’s last year if they don’t at least get to the Final. Same for Babcock (and that’s not fair).

So, we’re 2 for 4 for the year, nailing Hitch and Kitch, but missing Yawney (a former list regular, which makes it worse) and what’s his name in Columbus.

Updated Picks:

(1) Tortorella. The Lighting and languishing, and they probably just can’t stand this jerk crowing at them anymore. He’s gone.

(2) Gretzky. “What do you mean you couldn’t just dance around three defenders?” It’s hard coaching average players when you’re 99. That’s why shitty players make good coaches. Wayne is advancing the theorems of hockey by proving that the reverse is true. Good players make shitty coaches. He’s no coming off this list if even if Laura and Barney are the only ones that agree with me.

(3) Playfair. Has it been long enough? I don’t know, but overheated expectations in that neck of the woods are making it harder than it used to be.

(4) Martin – Gotta wonder if he won’t hire someone, because he’s doing a shitty, pointy-headed job.

Bonus picks: Julien.

Trotz is off the list, even though he’s been there longer than god. He’s back once the playoffs start and Nashville loses in the first round because they aren’t sneaking up on anyone this time.