Bush Patsy McCain: Diva

Perhaps “Randomizer” should Bush Patsy McCain’s nickname, or even better, “Diva.”

After careening from miscellaneous position to meaningless statement about the financial crisis, Bush Patsy McCain dropped out of the first debate. He “suspended” his campaign to be non-partisan in DC even if doing so was an obvious partisan ploy.

Bush Patsy McCain’s actions in DC are reminiscent of the old Seinfeld stand up bit about men who really like to be around hard work like changing the pick up’s oil, but don’t do any of the work. After waiting a day to actually get to DC he participated silently, in a photo-op, dumb as a cow. He hasn’t led. He hasn’t brainstormed. All he has done is soak up the attention of where the most cameras are located. It’s the political equivalent of a starlet vag flash or nipple slip.

So, having injected partisan politics into the financial talks through his “non-partisan” campaign “suspension” Bush Patsy McCain has now changed his mind and is going to debate after all. Drama Queen!

In the process he has lied to and infuriated David Letterman of all people. This matters not just because Dave’s curt dissection of Bush Patsy McCain will hurt him in Middle America; it is important because needlessly infuriating people like Letterman is an obvious result of the ad hoc, do whatever manner that Bush Patsy McCain has handled his response to the financial melt down. Imagine if Letterman were a key Senator, Congressman or head of state. Blowing off such a person and lying to them is precisely what will make it difficult to get things done. It is exactly what makes for an ineffective leader.

I have always been against Bush Patsy McCain for his being well, a Bush Patsy. Now I am terrified at the prospect of his Presidency. He is too rash and childish to contend with a crisis situation. When he doesn’t know what to do, he just does something to throw as many variables into the air as possible. America may not survive his impudence; at least, not as a first world country.

UPDATE: To help solve the financial crisis Bush Patsy McCain has just announced that he will mount an alpaca and bandy about town throwing empty Budweiser cans at neighborhood house cats and passing squirrels.