Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Is this the new Warsaw Pact?

The Asia Times says:

As far as Iran is concerned, the Georgia crisis is not confined to South Caucasus and has broader implications for region, including Central Asia and the Caspian area, that are both positive and negative. That is, it is a mixed blessing, one that is both an ominous development signaling a new level of Russian militarism as well as a crisis of opportunity, to forge closer ties with Russia and enhance its chance of membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the grouping dominated by Russia and China.

I’m somewhat skeptical that Islamic Iran and Russia and China can form a stable bloc.  I’m skeptical that Russia and China can even do so, even given their similar post-Communist neo-Fascist governments.  But like so many in the world, they are united in one thing: their opposition to the United States and its Empire.

It’s time to wake up, America.  Our little hunting of Arabs for sport must end, and we quit playing this 21st century version of cowboys and indians.  The world is turning.

As The Poet put it

if you knew how much we loved you
you’d cover up
you wouldn’t fuck around
with the passion 
that killed three hundred thousand people
at Hiroshima
or scooped up rocks from the moon 
and crushed them to dust
looking for you
looking for your lost encouragement

—Leonard Cohen