Gays in the Military

Crank up the Boyz II Men, because it’s 1992!

General Pace’s comments about the “morality” of homosexuality have ignited a shitstorm about the long dormant “gays in the military” issue. Of course, there are those who are pretending that they have no anti-gay animus yet “admire” Pace’s forthrightness, and, on the other hand those who are just all over him for expressing what, unfortunately, quite a few, if not most, people actually think.

It’s of course a sad barometer of where America is on this issue, but it’s not news to anyone. We all know that the military isn’t exactly progressive; we all know that Americans still feel mostly comfortable picking on gays; and so why this is such a big issue I don’t know.

Yes, of course, the sacrifice of gay soldiers should be acknowledged, and, yes, in an ideal world this kind of overt bigotry wouldn’t exist. But if you’re under the impression that you’re going to wake up tomorrow and there will be a reversal in this policy and a sudden acceptance by this crowd of gays, then you are pretty dumb.

What’s the most sad about this kind of flap is that it carries the implication that we live in a country where things like this are subject to progress. Well, maybe that’s the it’s 1992 feeling… but it’s 2007, and hope is a joke in 2007.