Snider and the Flyers: Conservatrons

Update: Larry Brooks to Flyers, Snider and NHL: Shame on you!

I’m a Devils fan so I’ve always hated the Flyers. Hating your rivals is part of what is fun in sports. There have been admirable players on the Flyers over the years, but leadership matters. An effective head of an organization filters his or her vision down to its final product, for better or worse.

The Flyers have always represented a sense of reactionary hatefulness. An unscientific sampling of their fans (and yes, some of my best friends are Flyers fans) shows a lust not just to win but to physically pummel their opponents; a belief that losing 5-2 is okay if you won the fight in the second period. This is reflected in the make ups of their teams over the last several years. They have always featured plenty of goons, rugged wingers and some skill, but have not managed to maintain a franchise goaltender. And when the opponent outphysicals them the Flyers are the first to cry foul and unfair. The whining after Scott Stevens KOed Lindross was epic and legion. Hey. you wanted tough, you wanted pummeling, you got it.

In essence, you have classic bully behavior. Sort of similar to Nilap’s terrifying rallies of late. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Ed Snider, the Flyers head who is also chairman of the awful Comcast Corporation and a major Conservatron, has invited Nilap to drop the puck at the Flyers’ home opener.

Ah well, number for Flyers’ PA office is 1-215-465-4500.

Lets Go Devils!

Blacks Tuned In to the Election

Interesting breakdown of the viewership of the conventions: blacks were more likely that any other ethnic group to watch both conventions.

This appears a bit odd at first glance. There is an obvious reason for blacks to be especially interested in the Democratic Convention this year, but why the intent viewership of the Conservatron convention? There are barely any black Conservatrons to speak of — nary a black Senator, Congressperson or Governor amongst them. Why the viewing pleasure of a party whose electoral base in the South is the direct result of a backlash against the Civil Rights movement?

As is so often the case, the answer lies in an ice hockey allegory. During the playoffs, so long as my Devils are in it, I am intent on “other” hockey. The instant the Devils get eliminated — ahem, if they get eliminated — I could care less about the rest of the tournament. Even watching it makes me mildly ill. With the Devils still kicking, watching “other” hockey isn’t entertainment. It’s data collection. It’s hoping for triple overtimes and twisted ankles. It’s analyzing how the Devils will stack up to the other teams.

I suspect that this is what viewing the Conservatron Convention was for the overwhelming majority of blacks that will vote for Obama. They wanted to view what the opposition was bringing to the showdown to better understand their guy’s chances.

Even with Democratic registration gains Obama will probably lose some Kerry votes. Some of this may be racism. Some of it may be moronic PUMAism. Some of it is random. The key to an Obama victory is expanding the electoral pool to include more blacks, young people, and independents, to go along with workhorse liberals, Unionists, and the rest of the Democratic Base. The strong interest of blacks in both Conventions is a sign that this key demographic is concentrated on the race and will get itself out to vote.

Kerry lost Florida by about 380,000 votes. According to David Plouffe there are 600,000 registered blacks in Florida that did not vote in 2004….

Sports Jourmamalism

There’s always something wrong with the Devils, isn’t there?

Forget that Marty Brodeur is having the best season of his career, a true MVP season, and that the Devils as a team are succeeding with, what on paper, appears to be a very very thin scoring forward and defense corps.

Yes, the "Boring" Devils Are Back

DJS is correct–all of a sudden, I’ve heard the Devils called boring again. That must mean they’re winning by keeping the other team from scoring. What a concept.

The Devils lack the depth everywhere except in goal that their championship teams had. There is no doubt about that. Thing is, no team is as deep right now as the pre-cap elites were, except, perhaps, Buffalo and Anaheim, both of whom are experiencing a 1999-2000 Devil-like crop of excellent rookies. (Note to oppoents: put your checking line on Getzlaf, not Selanne. No. Don’t. You can lose to Getzlaf, but if you don’t check Selanne, the media will criticize you. Lose the right way!)

Is there a trade to me made for the Devils? I think there is. As dead as this season has been on that front, I think at the deadline things will happen. And, of course, it will be a defenseman. If I had to guess, I’d say (if available) Sheldon Souray. Lou likes old Devils a lot.

The NHL needs to stop trashing one of the only two post-Bettman dynasties, one of the few teams that is consistent enough to matter every year, and, now, a team with such a strong tradition.

Buffalo vs. NJ

About this time 9 years ago, the Devils played a pivotal game at home against the Dallas Stars. At that point of the season, both teams were favorites to come out of their respective conferences in the final. The Devils lost that game, and I never felt they were the same for the rest of the year. Ultimately, two season later, they handed Dallas their ass in the Final, but that season seemed to turn on that game.

It was lost when future Devil Joe Nieuwendyk scored with less than a minute left, set up by future Devil Jamie Langenbrunner. Jamie also set up the Jere Lehtinen’s winner in overtime.

I feel like last night’s game against Buffalo was similar. I hope it doesn’t have the same result. They were within a tip of tying it up, and it was a close game for the first periods or so. A victory would have established that Buffalo’s high-flying offense couldn’t stand up to Marty and the Devils D.

They have three chances to prove this was a fluke.