More Gore Kremlinology

This time as an AP headline.

The reality is, we’re not going to know if he’s running for a while. If you’re Gore, see how the Oscars play out, see how the Congressional testimony plays out, see how the Nobel nomination pans out, and, above all, see what the others in the field are doing.

I won’t predict that he’ll jump in, but I will predict that all of those factors will end up favoring his run.

O-bomb-a 2008

Obama’s in. Oy vey.

I admire his political adroitness. First, he plays to the activist left, then shows that he’s really centrist. After having done not so much in the senate, after a mere 2 years, he’s running for president surfing a giant wave of popularity and intrigue.

So, here’s the problem. No one wants to be the anti-Obama (i.e. the get-in-the-way-of-the-black-president candidate), so, I’m afraid it’s going to be his race to lose.

This probably means, after all, that Gore isn’t in. Ironically, Obama can take the center because a lot of the harder left will be voting for the idea of him, even if he won’t get hard-core anti-Iraq.

I’d love to see him as the VP nominee, but this is going to be tough.

Of those who are in, I really don’t know who I support anymore. I like most of them, but I don’t really get all that excited about one term senators, white or black.