Looks like he’s getting confirmed, but he’s drawing a lot of Noes. I have 21 right now. Update: Some of the Noes: McCain, Feingold, Sanders, Harkin, Byrd. Update 2: 60-34

Where Were You in 2016?

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention Nate Silver gives Mr. T about a 42% chance of becoming president. Even if the Clinton E-Mail “Scandal” and the subsequent investigation is a Nothing Burger about a Nothing Burger; even if Comey’s unusual hectoring about “carelessness” was probably an attempt to shield his own Federal branch … Continue reading Where Were You in 2016?


I fucking hate Tim Geithner. The fact that Obama promoted one of the architects of TARP is why it is not entirely unfair to make him share in the blame for it. (That, and, you know, the fact he voted for it in the Senate.) But worse, he has been a disaster both politically and … Continue reading "Sugar"


Sure, the CATO institute isn’t going to be in favor of the government owning one share of any bank, let alone have 100% control. And technocrats know that all that would happen is that the banks would be cleaned up and spun back off. That’s not the problem. The problem is the clean up, whether … Continue reading Banks