Politics Isn’t The Culture War

Why is presidential politics so messed up? One thing I’ve started to think a lot about is that some people see it as a part of the culture war instead of choosing over policies.

If we were simply picking someone to run the government, an awful lot of what we talk about wouldn’t come up. Character issues might be there in extreme cases, but I doubt it would be as front and center.

It’s what the candidate stands for. Polls seem to show that a lot more people think Hillary is qualified to be president, but a huge portion of that group will not vote for her anyway. Why? Trump is a wildcard and a hothead. He has no experience.

But he stands for a no apologies version of pressing pause on the culture wars and perhaps even reversing them.

To liberals, that last sentence means that he wants to do damage to civil rights. You’re right. But what’s important to understand is why would someone do that?

Why would a man like Dennis Prager support Trump when he’s spent his entire career being a moral scold? I don’t agree with Prager about much. I don’t think someone saying the word ‘fuck’ is a mortal sin.

It’s the culture of irresponsibility. It’s the culture of “fat activists” who claim medical science is biased against them and people who want to do whatever they want and you have to like it. It’s the culture of safe spaces and “inter sectionalism” and “microagressions” and all of the other vapid garbage people do to avoid hearing dissent.

Not put up with it. Like it. It’s the make your problem my problem, but don’t make my problem your problem culture. Since we don’t have an alternative remedy to this that comes from a group careful with civil rights, the package deal from the right is all there is.

It’s easy to analogize this to austerity policies like welfare. Some people do want to not work. And I don’t think their lives should be luxurious, but it only makes problems if they aren’t fed and sheltered. Abortion too can be portrayed as lazy irresponsibility.

Until there is a Democratic candidate that loses her/his patience with this babyish mentality, people who have lost their patience will only be drawn to the right and the baggage that its solutions bring.