Why I’m For Hillary

Yes, I support single-payer healthcare, drastic changes to funding of college education, and above all $15 minimum wage. But I support Hillary.

Here’s why. I believe that if Congress put any of those issues (let’s call them the “Bernie issues”) on Hillary’s desk, she’d sign them. But I also know that Congress won’t put them there and that she won’t waste a term Quixotically pursuing them.

If you think Hillary would veto any of these, then you’re right to support Sanders, I guess. But the reality is, she would and he can’t.

So, while Bernie is talking about things that will never, ever happen, Clinton is talking about things she can actually do. I know this is the kind of thing that the young and the revolutionary-minded don’t like to hear, but politics doesn’t work that way and 50+ million Republican voters won’t just disappear and can’t and shouldn’t be ignored in a democracy.