Blame for Terror

Some of my friends still scoff at Pat Robertson blaming hurricane Katrina or 9/11 on gay people. The absurd notion that the mere existence of certain kinds of people in a certain place can metaphysically pollute that place in a such a manner and that the consequence would be a man in the sky altering the laws of nature to bring untold suffering to that place is impossible, so it would seem, for the liberal mind to comprehend. It is so absurd that it is an evergreen source of derision and humor.

And it should be. Such a notion is, in fact, absurd.

It’s startling then that the same liberals who wonder if their brains are wired differently than Pat Robertson’s ascribe the same kind of metaphysical pollution as the cause of terrorist attacks. The mere presence of a Jew in Samaria or an American in Saudi Arabia is “why they hate us.” (Remember The Nation was onto this just days after 9/11.)

The proximate cause of terrorism is the terrorist’s conscious decision to engage in civilization destroying activity. To the extent his free will is at all constrained, it is due to a systematic ideology that promotes this. Either way, it is not the fault of those who are attacked, whether they are gays in New Orleans or French teenagers at a concert.