There can be two wrongs

Here’s an article downplaying and at the same time defending political correctness. (i.e. it doesn’t exist, but it’s justified)

I’m sure there are people on the right who don’t like “uppity” blacks, but college administrators are not those people. I for one don’t blame people for being mad about the disparity of death sentences or the fact that people irrationally freak out about interracial couples.

But framing the behavior at Yale etc. as some sort of reaction to those issues is ridiculous. It is possible to mock students for deliberately misreading an e-mail to create the pretext for someone losing their job on the one hand and on the other be completely passionate about ending race-based police brutality. There is no contradiction there.

Is there anyone outside of the fringe that doesn’t believe minorities deserve respect?

Politically, this is bad because it polarizes and alienates those most sympathetic to that cause and gives fuel to the people who were against this all along.

To say that well, black people have had to put up with this forever, so now it’s your turn!  Ha ha! Is just the road to nowhere. If it was wrong then, it’s wrong now. Everyone can be at fault and everyone can deserve respect.

And the oversensitivity goes for white people too. Freaking out about how people wear their pants is pointless and miserable.

You’ll notice that I didn’t write a single word about protests after Ferguson or any of these other police events because I understand that. I don’t understand this. They are not part of the same movement. Regardless of skin color, millionaires cannot understand the day-to-day life of the poor even if they have one thing in common. That’s a lie.

The fact that people are trying to connect these two things just shows the level of delusion. Every college president in America could be fired tomorrow and it wouldn’t change the behavior of a single police officer.