European Suicide

People from Syria stop being refugees the minute they enter Turkey. There is no civil war in Turkey. Turkey is not in a state of emergency. Their choice to continue to Germany makes them economic migrants. I don’t blame them one bit for heading there. I would do the same. But the responsibilities of a paterfamilias of Syrian origin aren’t the responsibilities of the German government.

But at some point, such drastic, rapid immigration will create even more blowback, which, based on European history, may turn very nasty.

What’s more, the EU is privileging Syrian refugees over those from other war-torn places. Isn’t it strange that the same sympathy isn’t felt for Africans?

Most of these folks, I’m sure, are good people. But they are going to only increase Europe’s problems with Muslim integration and anyone who thinks that European antisemitism isn’t about to take yet another quantum leap is fooling themselves.