Things Sy Hersh needs to address

I’m not saying his article is bullshit, because all of this is just stuff I’m hearing from one person or another. But when he has insider Pakistani sources reframing the story in a way that makes the Pakistani government look much, much better, is there something besides an anonymous source he can give us to back it up?

Also, cui bono? No one cared about the details. Americans cared that Bin Laden was dead. We don’t care about how/where or whether he was properly buried at sea. Why lie? I mean, seriously, why did the White House do it?

So, there’s every reason in the world for the Pakistanis to tout this version, no reason for Americans to lie the way they allegedly lied—what’s the explanation?

Hersh has been right about a lot of things, so I won’t just dismiss what he writes, but we need more.