The ongoing braveryjerk of Justice Ginsburg

She’s old. Social Security says she’s likely to die in the next 10 years, and that’s without weighing her health history. If she dies in the next 3 years, fine. If she dies in the next 10 and there are Democratic presidents in office then, fine.

But the truth is, this is not about her. She is one of four “liberals” (I use the term for the centrist bloc on the court that everyone else seems to use, there being no actual liberal on the court since the early 90s) that from time to time, team up with Justice Kennedy or the CJ to save the world. Replacing her with a conservative would mean the end of Roe, the end of any chance at campaign reform, could possibly mean a new attack on Obamacare, and spells the full end of affirmative action, the voting rights act, and a screeching halt to the march of progress made on gay rights over the last 15 years.

So while liberals bitch and moan about Obama regarding single-payer, drones, the NSA, and not having already turned us into Sweden, the one thing they cannot assail him on is his Supreme Court nominations. Yet all the same people seem to be cheering Ginsburg’s “get off my lawn” tour this summer.

Therefore, Republican or Democrat, we might not have someone who makes such good picks as Obama. This is just stupid.

Yeah, in a sort of after school special kind of way it’s nice to see the woman say damn the torpedoes, I’ll stay here to fight the good fight, noble stuff. But in the hard world of political reality, this story could adversely impact the course of national history.

Just think of it this way. If Scalia dies in the next 3 years, instead of having resigned during Bush’s presidency so that younger types a la Roberts and Alito could have shored up their majority, he will have handed a majority changing vote to Obama, something we’ll all chuckle with delight at if it happens. No one on the right will be applauding Scalia’s bravery.

And if Ginsburgh dies and gives it right back or ensure the right owns the majority for another generation for more atrocities like Bush v. Gore and Citizens United, it will be her bravery we have to thank for it.