Who Is President Matters

It’s easy for civil libertarians to wag their fingers at Americans for not caring about the NSA, and perhaps even easier for them to try and shame liberals by accusing them of hypocrisy by alleging that liberals would have much more objection if Bush was doing it.

Then I guess I’m a hypocrite. There is not a single thing other than a drinking contest where I would prefer Bush executing it than Obama. Who is president absolutely matters. The whole idea that it doesn’t—aside from being anti-democractic—is on the all-star team of insidious American political ideas along those like “cutting taxes always grows business and cuts the deficit.”

It’s an increasingly convenient idea for a generation of younger liberal who may not have been political aware in the Bush years, or, at least at the worst of them from 2002-2006.

Hopefully this will not make 2016 a repeat of 2000.