Washington Redskins

In this case, the name of team actually was created by a notorious racist, so it’s not even one of these “whoops I said something totes racist but some of my best friends are black” things.

So, like the North Dakota Sioux, the name really should be changed to something else. Washington is full of shitheads. Why not the Washington Shitheads? That works for me.

However, I have to just add that it seems like liberals go through this entirely predictable transmogrification from caring a lot about something that means life and death to a lot of people and being united about it and broad (Iraq) then to bread and butter social policies (health care) then to flinging poo at the leaders they elected for not making America into Sweden overnight (health care, tax policy) and then when they’ve shot their wad on that (Glennzilla is apparently out of PowerPoints) it’s time for some good old identity politics. Same shit, different decade.

Given that most liberals seem to believe we are in a time of extreme white racial panic (something I agree with), is this really a leg that needs humping right now? Again, not that Redskins, Sioux, Indians, Braves, etc. are names that should be kept, but that the blowback is gonna be worse than the cure and these are not things that particularly lend themselves to legislation or litigation.

On the contrary, this is just shit for bored New Yorker columnists to write about.

This is why we lose, folks. Sorry, I know I’m “whitesplaining” this to you or whatever. You do still need something like 40% of white people to vote for you though.