The McDonald's Budget

Much comment on the fact that McDonald’s has a website that gives their employees a budget that is pretty unrealistic. A lot of polemics on how this shows you can’t live on the minimum wage.

What I think it shows is that bullshit jobs like that aren’t really in the same category as “jobs” whereby we mean something that if you work at it will get you a life. This distinction should be made.

Real jobs should enable the worker to food, shelter, transportation, healthcare, time off, and reasonable provision for a family. Real jobs should also contain certain kinds of job security. If you’ve noticed that these are things that union jobs have, you get an ‘A.’ But since the labor movement can’t provide enough jobs like this, then the government needs to make laws that acknowledge this difference.

Letting companies pay minimum wage, no benefits, no security, and no pretense even of permanence and letting politicians take credit for “jobs” is juicing the stats.

People who can’t get real jobs that are heads of households should be given welfare for the things that a real job would provide more easily so long as that person is taking steps to find a real job. Bullshit jobs shouldn’t even be part of the equation.

Bullshit jobs should be for people who live with their parents, maybe who are in college, who live with a head of household who has a real job or who are receiving Social Security. Companies that depend on bullshit jobs should be taxed to pay for welfare and benefits for the people on bullshit jobs.