The Polemic-BJ Singularity Continues to Approach

Me then.

Cole today:

Fuck Pit Bulls and Fuck Rottweillers and Fuck Dangerous Dogs

I am so sick and tired of hearing the defenses of these killing machines.

“It’s unfair to single out the breed!”

“Hey- the little rascals dog was a pit bull!”

“My pit bull is super sweet!”

“It’s not the dog, it’s the owner!”

Fuck you assholes. The point isn’t that some of them are sweet, it is that all of them are loaded weapons. No matter how sweet they are 99.999% of the time, it’s the fact that the .001% of the time they maul you, they maul a kid, the kill someone else’s pet.

This isn’t mysterious bullshit. We know what is happening. Just like we know having a gun in the household does nothing but increase the likelihood of gun violence, we know that having a dangerous dog around increases the likelihood of a fatal attack. This isn’t fucking rocket science. You may very well have a wonderful pit bull, until it mauls you. Just like having a gun in your house was no big deal until your kids got into the closet or the safe and one of them accidentally shot the other.

Either way, I think you are an asshole for owning either. And what infuriates me the most is that every day, tens of thousands of super sweet dogs are put down in America, yet some of you apologists keep demanding that we pretend that pit bulls are like any other dog. They are not. So I am sick and tired of reading shit like this:

What do they act like?

The most important thing to know about pit bulls? They’re just regular dogs. While pit bulls are known to be fun-loving, energetic, and social, they all have unique personalities and should be judged as individuals.

Yeah. They are just like every other dog. Until they kill a cat, another dog, a toddler, or maul their owner. Why? They had a bad day and they could.

Again, every day, thousands of dogs who look like this are put down because they can not find a home:

Until every docile sweet dog who needs a home is out of the pound, you dangerous dog fetishists can go fuck yourselves. Put those murdering assholes down and save some loving mutts.

And before some idiot claims JRT’s are the same as Pit Bulls (Looking at you, Cassidy), let’s stop being morons. I’ve been shot with a BB gun before and lived. I’ve never taken two to the chest from a double barrel shotgun. I understand the difference, and I’m so sad you are too fucking stupid to put it together. And I do not want to hear any of anyone’s bullshit about how sweet their pit mix is. I’d rather hear about your gun collection, you antisocial jackasses.