Noted: Noahpinion: Conservative White America, you need a new Grand Strategy

Two comments:

(1) “Europe” was not a concept in the 14th century. Certainly, the Byzantines, although Christian, don’t fit into this Western-eurocentic thing. But I digress.

(2) It’s a fun historical analogy but it’s inapt. As far as anyone knows, the Crusaders actually wanted to win and by then Crusading was a 300-year-old policy. Now, I believe that Conservative White America wants to “win.” But the difference is, I think the Crusaders’ leaders actually wanted to win. The Kochs, et al. don’t give a shit if CWA wins. Their generalship is why they need a new grand strategy but also why they won’t get one.

One thought on “Noted: Noahpinion: Conservative White America, you need a new Grand Strategy”

  1. That’s why Mittens was such a perfect candidate. He morphed to all the CWA stuff — racism, anti-abortion, pro-gun — and I doubt he gave a darn about it. All he cared about were Richie Richs like himself, the rest was just whatever it took to close the deal at the time.


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