FIFA Realignment

Recently, Australia left the Oceania Conference to join the Asian Conference. This means that in an Asian Cup or World Cup qualifying, the Socceroos could be flying 8700 miles to Amman, Jordan for a game.

So, while watching the CONCACAF Gold Cup, it seems to me that it’s silly to that Mexico and the US are in the same conference as Antigua. Mexico seems like a naturally good fit for the South American CONMEBOL conference. What about the US? Well, UEFA actually makes sense. It’s just about the same length of flight from New York to LA as it is from New York to London and most US players that play abroad play in Europe, not South America.

Given that Russia is part of UEFA, games could conceivably be as far apart as 5,000 miles in Valdivostok—say, if the club team there made the Champions League for the Russian federation wanted to be dicks and host a game there.

Do this and leave CONCACAF with 1.5 World Cup slots and Oceania with 1.5 and I think you’ve got a great solution that would elevate the level of play everywhere.