John Kerry, FTW

Part of me thinks that the resumption of talks between Israel and Palestine has more to do with Hamas being totally isolated with the coup in Egypt and the sort of general breakdown of everyone’s wet dreams for what the “Arab Spring” would be.

But it sure seems like John Kerry busting his ass back and forth seemed to help too.

I’d love to see some kind of final resolution, but, as always I caution people who see this as some sort of epoch making thing to understand that the New Antisemitism in Europe isn’t going to go away—Palestine and Palestinians having been just the latest useful tool for ancient feelings—isn’t going to stabilize most of the neighboring countries, isn’t going to make dogs and cats live together, isn’t going to make us all sing cumbaya and so on.

Odds are, Palestine will be a shithole that represses people just enough to keep the tourist dollars flowing, whose merchant class does business with Israelis, but whose “street” is virulently antisemitic and who will continue to blame Israel and Israelis for everything that ever happens to them, regardless of their having their own independent state.

Having said all of that, it would be nice if a final deal could happen so all of this could be exposed. Also, it probably will improve the security situation somewhat.