I Have a Feeling…..

That we may, at long last, be witnessing a left-wing Goldwaterian win-by-losing sort of moment in Texas. Yes, the absurdist the-only-thing-the-many-tribes-of-conservatron-can-agree-on-is-abortion thing will come to pass in Texas, but just by being opposed Wendy Davis and the Texocrats will be setting themselves up. Not necessarily because the law is stupid (although it is), but because it is irrelevant to everyone but the people it hurts.

This calls to mind the high water mark of the Conservatron counter-strike. The precipice of the reactionary tendency in American politics that became fundamentally victorious in 1968 but was relegated to Loserdom in 2006. The Iraq War redux? No. That was the most consequential representation of reactionary conservatism, but not the most pure. The most pure was Terry Schiavo. Remember her? In so much that what happened to her is meaningless from a practical perspective for everyone that is not Terry Schiavo or actually knows her, then you may not. She was the gal with the brain damage that a bunch of religious folk felt was important to keep alive because of a bunch of shit that has nothing to do with the price of gas and food, and whether or not I’ll get paid next week. Pretty stupid, yeah. But the Conservatrons fought a war of choice over this and turned it into a national issue. The barnacles in the media filter fed it and it dominated the news.

Most people did not care for the government inserting itself into something private and, generally, meaningless. The Conservatrons have been in retreat since. These last few weeks may have been their Alamo in Texas.