Obamacare killed immigration reform. Bwahaha.

Predictably, the House has decided not to take up the Senate bill on immigration. So, they need an excuse. What did the brilliant GOP spinmeisters (who are 1 for 4 since 2006) come up with?

Obamacare killed it. I shit you not.

This presumes of course that anyone will hear this “reason” instead of just hearing the simpler version that the Republicans killed it. But whatever. This just goes to show you that the Republicans learned nothing from said 1-for-4 record except that they need to appear to not hate Latinos, but they can’t even do that right.

This “rebranding” is just that. It’s not even skin deep.

Now, if some Ds would learn a few words of Spanish and work half as hard as they did in 2012, we might win in 14.