GOP Actually Waives A Chance To Attack Obama

On the NSA/privacy issue. It’s just not in their DNA to be civil libertarians, which is why anyone who thinks Ron and Rand Paul will ever win a Republican primary is daft. (Also not in their DNA is letting Mexicans be treated as people, hence the immigration bill’s problems.)

But there’s a big difference between disagreeing with a policy and using it as a chance to attack the President, especially when the President is not uniquely responsible for it. Remember, in the past when things like this were tried, the Supreme Court would step in. We had checks and balances. And we got addicted to those checks, because it would let political branches overreach without consequences. How many states pass crazy laws knowing that the courts will strike them down?

Well, the Republican party spent decades pushing jurisprudence based on letting the police state have wide latitude in reaction to rulings like Miranda v. Arizona and other dirty hippie liberal excesses in the 60s which caused us to lose in Vietnam and let darky drink from the same water fountain.

Now they’ve got it. They also have a Congress that passes sweeping laws like the “Patriot Act” just days after an attack instead of waiting to see if it’s really needed. (So much for the cooling saucer of the senate!)

In short, the problem is systemic and pinning this just on Obama (who voted for the FISA revisions in 2007 for fuck sake) for not being the new Earl Warren just shows how badly liberals want to appear reasonable and willing to attack their own—which, they think, gives them credibility. But this is why they lose. Reagan said the 11th commandment is don’t attack another Republican, but for liberals it appears to be pick your spot and you shall criticize Democrats, even if it’s not helpful to whatever your supposedly liberal ideals are.

If I thought for one minute that wearing out the Democratic brand would lead to more liberalism, I would go there. All it’s going to do is allow President Christie or Rubio to appoint judges who will end Roe v. Wade and do much worse on privacy.

Did you see the Power Point about what Romney was going to do in his first 100 days for christ’s sake? That’s what you guys want just to sacrifice to your idol of “reasonableness.” Then fuck you.