Liberal Pussies Fuck Over Dems Part 27351

From the President on down, Democrats have stood fairly strong on Benghazi. While of course adding all of the requisite disclaimers about the loss of American life being bad, etc., they utterly reject that this was any kind of intentional wrongdoing good.

But while we’re all laughing off Benghazi, it seems our liberal brains are forcing the concession of ground on this IRS issue and the AP wiretaps. Charlie Pierce, as fiery a liberal as you could want, is up on his blog saying “Eric Holder must go.” Shit, Charlie, this is the same guy they tried to scandalize with “Fast and Furious” already. And what do you suggest? We get an acting attorney general in there while the Senate filibusters any replacement.

And on this IRS thing, we have Josh Marshall posting all day long. The Senate is going to hold hearings. Why? I mean, what else do we need to know other than they quashed it. Did anyone overpay taxes? This is a non-issue.

The only reason these “scandals” are getting any traction is because as liberals we let ourselves be shamed into reasonableness. Targeting conservative groups is bad. OK, sure. But until this has anything to do with anything other than what happened years ago, I can’t understand why it is even news.

Of course the answer is because in order to tamp down Benghazi, we have to be “reasonable” about other things. This is how they beat us. Did they ever once admit that Bush did anything wrong? No, not even when he really did.

If Obama does something patently illegal, call me. Otherwise, I’m not going to be tricked into using my liberal inclinations to defeat a liberal agenda.

And since Boehner won’t “take impeachment off the table” (another memory of liberal “reasonableness” there, right?) I look forward to the House going forward and costing themselves the 2014 election. I ain’t even mad.

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