West, Texas

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that a paramedic who was one of the first responders to the fertilizer plant explosion was arrested for possession of a destructive device.

Let me preview all of the talking head arguments coming up about this:

CON: See, you stupid hippies said this was about workplace safety and blamed Texas for lax safety rules, but it was a criminal!

LIB: He’s white! So you called him a criminal instead of a terrorist! Are you going to see if he’s connected to al qaeda! Ha! No.

First, this doesn’t disprove that there are problems with worker safety in Texas or that this place had way more explosive material on hand than it should have, so if it had complied this would have been less of a tragedy—and the other objection we heard was to the zoning problems putting schools etc. near a factory with explosive materials which works either way.

Second, unless there’s any indication he’s connected to terrorists or a militia, he’s just a terrorist on his own. By being the paramedic showing up to his own bombing (if that’s what happened), I think we have a psycho narcissist who might have been trying to copy the love we saw in Boston right before.

Third, the Boston bombers were connected to anti-American groups, but seem fantastically incompetent compared with the 9/11 folks or the operations being carried out against our troops abroad.

But, in the event he is connected with some fringe or militia movement, I hope people take notice.

Also, too, some kind of worker safety rules in Texas aren’t a bad idea, no matter what.