More on the GOP Assault from the *LEFT*

From (ironically) Salon, which stirs the pot quite a bit on this basis:

Earlier this month, while progressive groups were slamming President Obama from the left on his decision to include a cut to Social Security benefits in his budget, the man responsible for getting Republicans elected to Congress .. .also hit Obama from the left.
So now, the NRCC is trying the trick again, but this time on immigration — another issue where hard-liners in the GOP are out of step with the public. A website the committee set up to attack Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff jabs him for “lik[ing] to waste taxpayer dollars almost as much as he likes the strictest immigration laws in the nation he passed as Speaker of the Colorado House.”

Nobody could have predicted… You see here’s how this works. The GOP brand is assorted with a bunch of right-wing positions. Its voters know that. They will turnout as long as the GOP doesn’t actually enact anything which is easy for it to do. But to keep the low(er) information voter from turning up in 2014, they’ll get the Dem base upset at the Dems for actually making deals they like better.

And the bait is being swallowed hook, line, and sinker. This is exactly the politics of the late 90s. They skewered Clinton because he governed, sometimes not to the left enough for Dems, but the Republicans never stopped attacking him.

We know they hate Obama and everything he does. And you don’t have to like everything Obama does—but whatever your outrage point is on a certain issue, ask yourself if it will really get better with a larger Republican majority in the House, control of the Senate, or, perhaps the White House.

Go ahead, little Maoists. Heighten the contradictions. President Jeb would love to help you with that.