CPAC, The Reality Show

The conservative movement is nothing more than a reality show, which makes it odd that Caribou Barbie would be the one to get all meta on that, since, she’s like, a reality star. Whoa, it’s tooooooootes meta, bro.

It’s all shtick. I’m convinced.

Today on a Very Special Episode of The Real Oligarchs of Capitol Hill, will Senator Portman’s newfound support of marriage equality (cuz his son is geh) endure after comparisons to Obama by Firebaggers like Glenn Gloom Greenwald and questions from Pat Robertson about whether he made a pact with the devil?

Will Ted Cruz go on a shooting spree to prove his manhood is intact after getting circumcised live on CSPAN by DiFi?

Will Bush 43 paint anymore vapid yet disturbing water colors?

Tune in and find out!