Jeb Bush says history will be “kind” to his brother. For a president who left office with a 30% approval rating, and who was judged to be among the worst presidents ever by historians, and who, even after being off the scene for a while still is still the least popular living ex-president (Bill Clinton is the most popular) this is all they’ve got.

It’s a tacit admission that the present judgment on Bush is not good. It’s very close to an admission that such a favorable judgment will not occur in our lifetimes. The GOP refuses to deal with his legacy, and, in fact, has only doubled-down on Bushism as a political philosophy since.

Which is why I really hope Jeb isn’t just a stalking horse. First of all, it neutralizes the one issue that might mute enthusiasm for Hillary, which is this sort of dynastic thing. If it’s Bush versus Clinton, that isn’t an issue and we’re comparing legacies, then Hillary wins 40 states.

And, by the way, history is starting to judge Bush. We’re finding out that most of what we suspected and sometimes even worse is true. And we’re still digging out of all the shit that he left on us.

I think Jeb is probably a stalking horse, actually. I don’t think there’s much of a chance that he will run for President in 2016. But, that the media takes him seriously enough to put him on all the Sunday shows to blab and kick up speculation that he would run shows just how insane that world is. These “reporters”—do they know what people think about the man? Did they notice that he lost Congress in 2006, screwed his party in 2008, and, basically got Obama reelected despite all kinds of historical fundamentals like the ones that drove his dad out of office???

This just tells me the Republicans aren’t ready yet. They aren’t ready to compete in 2016. Fine with me.

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  1. Bush se apoderó en EEUU por un golpe de estado, en cual sus compañeros en el Tribunal Supremo votaron para que se parara el contar de votos, y, por eso, parar el democracia. Despues, por muchas mentiras y un serie de propaganda, tomó el eleccion siguente, despues de que empezara un guerra ilegal. Fue un caudillo quien se apoderó por un golpe de estado, y tal es la manera propia de cualquier republica de bananas.


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